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About Us

Çevik Makina was established in 1986. Çevik Makina has been producing spare parts from metal and polyurethane materials for the automotive industry, the rising value of our country, since the day it was founded with its innovative understanding, knowledge and domestic capital. While following the developments in polyurethane materials, it produces polyurethane spare parts for Furniture parts, Medical parts, Sports equipment, Entertainment sector and Construction sector (protective materials) and the leading companies of the Security sector in line with customer demands. Knowing that we also contribute to the production of many domestically produced products makes us proud and motivates us for new studies.

Based on the principle of performing all these services by prioritizing quality, we continue our work by adopting an institutionalization and management model that aims at the happiness of our stakeholders.

Our Mission

To invest in knowledge, technology and people and to ensure progress by constantly renewing. To carry out all our activities in a short time and with high quality with the understanding of teamwork and cooperation.

Our Vision

To protect our corporate values and to be a leading company in the sectors in which we operate.